Why Shave.sg?

Why Shave.sg?

Shave.sg Premium 5-Blade Shaver

TLDR: Shave.sg offers shavers at the lowest possible price, no hidden fees, free shipping. Products are tested vigorously to deliver the best value for money. Shave.sg is here to stay.


In early 2017, my friend and I (both Singaporean men in their late twenties) had a lengthy discussion about the market for shaving products in Singapore. We wondered if there were cheaper alternatives to the brand-name razors we were using.
A quick survey revealed that our friends fell neatly into three camps:
1. Those who have been using brand-name razors for years (think Gillette and Schick). This group is satisfied with the shaving experience but not the high cost of refills. A few have tried generic/disposable shavers but found the quality lacking. 
Gillette Schick Singapore
2. Those who use generic/disposable razors. Most people in this group expressed an interest in trying a higher-quality razor if the price was reasonable.
Disposable Razors
3. Those who use electric shavers. 
Electric Shaver
The conclusion?
If you want a close shave, you're almost definitely using a system razor... and if you're using a system razor, you're either overpaying for cartridges or having a less-than-ideal shaving experience.
Realizing that most consumers can be better served by a third product category (high quality and affordability), we set out on a mission to create a product that has the best mix of quality and affordability.
Quality Affordability Chart
So how do we do it?

We Test Our Products Rigorously

We quickly found that the only way to ascertain the quality of a product was to test it ourselves. So, we collected samples from shaving blade manufacturers around the world and tested each of them over a period of 4 weeks. When there were too many samples to test, we recruited our friends to help. All razors were assigned a score based on sharpness and durability under varying conditions. We then took the combined score and divided it by the price.
Some of the shavers we tested.
When we found the most value-for-money blades, we worked with the manufacturer to design a heavy, durable and ergonomic handle for better shaving maneuverability. The Shave.sg Premium 5-Blade Shaver was born.
We are continuously working to improve the product based on user experience, so we hope to get some valuable feedback from you. 

Lowest Possible Price

Tired of overpriced razor refills sold by the incumbents (typically over $4 per razor), we endeavour to keep prices at the lowest possible; we keep marketing costs to the minimal and cut out the middleman fees to pass the cost savings to you. We ruled out the cheap plastic disposables as we want to be environmentally friendly and they do not offer a good enough shave.
Cost Comparison Chart
*Lowest prices found in retail stores 
** Price inclusive of shaver handle and free shipping

No Mandatory Plans, No Hidden Fees

Shaving plans are all the rage now. Why choose Shave.sg over other brands that offer a starter kit for next to nothing?
Firstly, while the "cheap" starter kits usually come with a mandatory subscription to a shaving plan. some simple calculation will show that in less than 6 months, Shave.sg is cheaper than most shaving plans out there (let us know if this is not true!).
Secondly, we understand the frustration of recurring charges and the hassle of cancelling and reinstating them as one sees fit. 
Shave.sg may introduce shaving plans in the future if there is demand for it, but one-off purchases will always be available for price transparency and consumer flexibility.

We're Here to Stay

Piggybacking on the founders' existing e-commerce fulfillment operations, Shave.sg is a financially sustainable venture that will be around as long as we believe in the quality of the product. Thus, we can guarantee that customers need not worry about the availability of refills in the future. 
We thank you for your support! Our highest priority is customer satisfaction, so please feel free to give us any suggestion or feedback (or complaint!).